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Employment References

Employment References

After your employment ends, what is your employer allowed to say about you when someone calls for a reference? The answer depends in part on your employer's policies, but whether you may have a claim relating to damage caused by a negative reference depends in large part on whether the information being shared as part of the reference is false.

If you suspect that false information is being provided in response to reference requests, you should consult with an attorney, as you may have a claim for defamation or other claims for the damage cause by such false statements.  

Bell & Bell LLP attorneys have successfully handled hundreds of cases involving claims relating to damage to an employee's reputation, many of which included claims of defamation.

Determining whether to pursue a legal claim is an important decision. You should be aware of your rights and prepared to take action if your rights are violated. Bell & Bell LLP offers free initial consultations, and we will take the time necessary to understand your situation and concerns.

If you believe that you have been defamed, you should seek immediate legal assistance. For a consultation with a lawyer at Bell & Bell LLP regarding defamation, call 215.569.2500 or contact us online.